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Our Head Coach, Andrew Smith, brings over 18 years of experience to the sport. He holds accreditation as a Boxing Australia Level 1 & 2 coach and is also qualified with an AIBA (The International Boxing Association) Star 1 & 2 certification.

Andrew's extensive background includes various roles within Boxing Australia, such as Centre of Excellence Coach, National Indigenous Talent Assistant Coach, Development Coach for ACT, Talent Identification Coach for ACT, ACT Team Head Coach, Australian Team Head Coach for the Kings Cup, Level 1 & 2 Coach Course Presenter, and ACT and Tasmania Futures Coach

The Gym


At Fight Smith Boxing, nestled in the heart of Canberra, our mission is to be the beacon of Olympic-style boxing excellence while championing the holistic well-being of youth, young individuals, and those with disabilities. We are not merely a gym; we are a community, a sanctuary where individuals of all ages and skill levels come together to find empowerment, purpose, and unity through the art of boxing.

Our commitment to teaching Olympic-style boxing is rooted in the belief that the discipline, determination, and values cultivated in the boxing ring extend far beyond it. We understand that each punch thrown carries the potential to shape not only an athlete but also a responsible, confident, and resilient citizen.

At Fight Smith Boxing, inclusivity is our cornerstone. We proudly offer a welcoming and accessible environment, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can embark on a transformative journey with us. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers, fostering understanding, and promoting diversity within our community


16 Georgina Cres, Kaleen

ACT 2617



4:30PM - 7:30PM

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Our youth and adult classes are led by Dimitri Yianou, who consistently demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and development of young athletes. With a combined total of 9 years of experience in the sport, Dimitri brings a wealth of knowledge from both inside and outside the ring. He has actively participated in numerous local and interstate tournaments and holds accreditation as a Boxing Australia Level 2 coach.

One of Dimitri's remarkable strengths is his ability to tailor his coaching style to the specific needs of each athlete. He emphasizes and instills respectful behavior, fairness, and good sportsmanship in our athletes.

Furthermore, Dimitri holds a current WWVP (Working With Vulnerable People) card, number 508201, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all participants



Louise began her boxing journey in the British Army, where she earned her Assistant Coach qualification from the Boxing Association of England. She has since obtained a Boxing Australia Level 2 accreditation and an AIBA Star 1 coaching qualification.

Louise is well-equipped to guide you, whether you're seeking fitness training or aiming for a competitive boxing level. She remains an active boxer in the masters category.

Her passion for coaching boxing is unwavering, and she fully comprehends the numerous benefits that come from both boxing and boxing training.

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